Should you add Jobber to your website?

If you’re running a home service business, you no doubt already know the importance of streamlining your workflow. When you’re juggling multiple jobs at any one time, it helps to have a system in place to help you keep on top of things – and Jobber is the perfect tool for the job. If you didn’t already know, Jobber is a workflow automation platform designed to help you stay on top of your jobs. You can use it to automate your workflow, manage customer communications, send invoices and collect payments, optimize routes, and more. A lot of home service professionals already use Jobber, but I’ve found that many of them don’t take full advantage of it. They overlook one crucial feature: online bookings. Thanks to the online bookings feature, you can connect your Jobber forms to your website and give your clients a convenient way to book your services directly through your website on their chosen date, which means you don’t have to bother with all the usual back and forth.

5 Reasons to connect Jobber to your website

There are plenty of reasons why connecting Jobber to your website makes a lot of sense. Here are just a few of the main benefits:

1. It removes an extra step in the booking process

If you don’t connect Jobber to your website, you have to add new bookings to your Jobber dashboard manually. The customer fills out your contact form, you receive the email notification, load up your Jobber dashboard and plug it in. Once you connect it to your website, you don’t have to bother with all those unnecessary extra steps. Instead, your customer can fill out the Jobber form on your website so it’s automatically added to your Jobber account. You don’t have to do a thing.

2. It gives your clients access to the client hub

Once you connect Jobber, you can open up a client portal option that your clients can log in to via your website. They can use the portal to check estimates, pay invoices, book jobs, and more. This can help you to improve the customer experience and lead to more happy clients.

3. It looks and works great

Jobber has done a great job of designing an online interface that works seamlessly and looks great. It integrates seamlessly with your existing website. You can choose to add it in as a widget or popup form that loads up when your customers click a ‘book online’ button. You can also easily customize your Jobber forms to match your website branding by changing the text and buttons.

4. It builds trust

If you’re running a small operation, your brand might not be well known enough to command a lot of customer trust just yet. Jobber can help you to build trust by associating your brand with a name that your clients trust and giving them access to a hub that provides all the details they need to feel confident in the service they’re paying for.

5. It provides instant scheduling

Jobber can connect jobs booked online automatically to your calendar, saving you time on doing it yourself through Google calendar or Calendly and ensuring your schedule is always up to date.

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